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The SCS is focusing on Personal care that really makes a difference at this year’s Science in a Bottle Conference from 3-4 July at the Royal Society of Medicine. We have an impressive line-up of expert speakers and papers and it really is going to be an exciting and illuminating couple of days. 

The four themes of the conference are:

  • Happiness and well-being – Insight into how cosmetics can trigger certain emotions, enhancing the user’s overall experience and how this can have an impact psychologically.
  • Protection – Focus on the biological function of the skin barrier, how certain biological mechanisms can help protect skin from the environment and how these mechanisms can be enhanced by the use of cosmetics.
  • Safety at the forefront – Highlighting key methodologies developed and introduced since animal testing ban on cosmetic ingredients and finished products, which should act as a beacon for other global cosmetic regulators.
  • Technology – how beauty is adapting to the digital world – Technology currently available on the market, what to expect in the future and its will impact on how we formulate products for this new buying platform.

Paul Matts (P&G) and Andrea Mitaratonda (Neal's Yard) between them gave us a brilliant Southern Education Event last year so we’re delighted to have them back together for this conference. Paul will take the little topic of Skin, Life, The Universe and Everything while Andrea will ask whether Feeling Good = Looking Good? Is Better-Ageing the New Anti-Ageing? A Natural Brand’s Perspective.

Christophe Teissier (Provital Group) will look at Ageing Gracefully – Improve your quality of life and feel happier in your skin at any age, meet Aquaxtrem while Rachel Ward (The Allergy Co) and Leigh George (Allergy UK) will discuss allergy issues including Allergy risk management in consumers.

Looking ahead, Carol Treasure (XCellR8) will engage in a spot of Futuregazing: where next for in vitro testing while Stephen Kirk (SK-CRS Ltd) will focus on Causality assessment and its role in cosmetic life cycle management and Medical Advisor Cosmetovigilance, Dr Serena Leader (The Body Shop) will assess Cosmetics – Friend or Foe. We will also hear from Stewart Long (Cutest).

Speakers on protection will include Valeria Camara (Chemyunion) who will introduce vegetal extract Physavie – skin protected against thermal aging while Dr Liki von Oppen-Bezalel (IBR Ltd) will present IBR natural ingredients for detoxification and protection against pollution and sun.

Prof Michael Wilson (UCL) will reintroduce us to Our forgotten friends – the cutaneous microbiota of humans and Catherine O'Neil (Skinbiotix) will tackle Topical probiotics: innovative therapies for skin in health and well-being

Don’t miss Mark Birch-Machin (Newcastle University) on The role of mitochondrial DNA damage and function in skin ageing or Barbara Brockway (Applied DNA Sciences) on the fascinating CSI-type/DNA technology taking supply chain transparence beyond belief to forensic certainty

Julienne Lim (Safic-alcan) will underline The Importance of Using Protection, Ophelie Bourgon (Givaudan Active Beauty) will focus on Microbiomics and John Lofthouse (CLR) will introduce A new, multifaceted approach toward skin moisturisation.

Taking on technology, Dan Whitby (Lake Personal Care) will explore the Quantified Self and Digital Beauty Devices and David Heath (Cutitronics) will discuss Augmenting Skincare Formulations with Engineering and Digital Innovations for Optimised User Benefit. And sharing the paper that took her to the 2017 IFSCC Conference in Korea with an SCS Bursary, Dr Milica Stevic (UAL/London College of Fashion) will share Customisation of lipsticks using 3D technology. 

Register by 31 May to get the early bird rate.

News Date: 07/05/2018 10:00

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