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The latest IFSCC magazine (Vol.20 No.4) is now available to download at Catch up with the latest cosmetic science in the member’s area. And don’t forget you can also download archived editions of the magazine.

  • Cosmeceuticals: New and Innovative?   
    Jürgen Lademann, Maxim Darvin, Martina C. Meinke, Alexa Patzelt (Germany) 

  • Origanum majorana  Extract: Waking Up Resting Cells in Part via An Epigenetic Pathway   
    Sabine Pain, Vincent Bardey, Nicolas Berthelemy, Catherine Bonnaud-Rosaye, Dominique Gauché, Florence Henry, Delphine Rival, Romain Debret ,Valérie André-Frei1 (France) 

  • Disruption of Circadian Expression of TIMP3 by UVB Irradiation and Recovery by Green Tea Extracts   
    Sunyoung Park, Eun-Soo Lee, Nok-Hyun Park, Kyeonghwan Hwang, Yong-Jin Kim, Tae Ryong Lee, Eun-Gyung Cho (Republic of Korea)

  • Dry Skin Associated Microbiota Diversity Revealed by High-Depth Next Generation Sequencing   
    Jarrin C, Robe P, Vilanova D, Dupont J, Chapuis E, Auriol D, Lefèvre F, Reynaud R (France, Principat d‘Andorra)

  • Highlighting of Two Distinct Cellular Behaviors in Skin from Aged Healthy Volunteers
    Marine Laclaverie, Laurie Verzeaux, David Boudier, Vincent Barruche, Laëtitia Marchand, Sylvie Bordes, Brigitte Closs (France) 

This edition of the IFSCC Magazine also features abstracts from papers published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (IJCS) Volume 39, Nos. 5 & 6, 2017. The IJCS is a collaboration between the British and French Societies of Cosmetic Science. 

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News Date: 21/02/2018 08:00


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