KOSMET Content

KOSMET is a bibliographic database including literature references, mostly with an abstract in English and information and contact details on the author and publisher or organiser. 

KOSMET enables you to carry out simple or complex searches. You are able to search many of the different fields within a record or limit your search by date or language of the original paper. For example you can search by subject in the whole record or by subject in the abstract only, by keyword/descriptors, or author.

KOSMET covers over 80,000 scientific articles & papers, including:

  • Technical journals & literature
  • News and remarks about regulations
  • Product introductions from the suppliers industry
  • Special company news, a.o. from periodicals,
  • Congresses, conferences and seminars on all matters related to cosmetics & fragrances, in particular the scientific and technical areas.

We gather worldwide information on many different topics such as:

  • Research & Development, basic research, specialized research, development reports in various cosmetic related fields, reviews of research data, a.o.
  • Product development, end products and ingredients related
  • The trading of perfumes and cosmetics
  • The knowledge of healthy skin and its annexes (hair, nails, teeth)
  • The research and development of raw materials
  • Active ingredients, i.e. actives, botanicals, marine extracts etc.
  • Formulations, practical & fundamental references, application remarks, physicochemical properties, etc.
  • Manufacture, process technology and production
  • Analysis, basic research as well as efficacy testing, product control, stability etc. and regulations, guidelines, directives.
  • Dermatology and toxicology, incl. panel testing and clinical studies
  • Packaging and much more!

How to Access KOSMET

KOSMET is available via Kosmet website and two host services, ProQuest Dialog or STN International.
To access KOSMET online you need a USER ID and password. A USER ID and password is available only from the host service.

Access KOSMET via and choose to pay per view or pay an annual subscription fee that allows unlimited access to the database.

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