IFSCC Magazine

IFSCC Magazine content moves online
The IFSCC magazine is no longer available as a printed or digital publication. Instead, all content will now be published online, making information available to members more immediately all over the world. News from Member Societies and information about events are available from the relevant sections on the website while scientific articles, aimed at facilitating the latest cosmetic scientific knowledge and including papers presented at events organised by the Federation and its Member Societies, will appear in a new Members' Zone on this site. Access to this area is FREE to members (or available to non-members for CHF 253) but you still need to register.

Scientific Articles
The scientific articles have a wide reach of global industry specialists and boast excellent peer-reviewed scientific content and the latest information on cosmetic science.

The new IFSCC Members’ Zone means there are now a few advertising slots available on the website, costing just CHF 600 a month.


Where to find the Magazine

The magazine is archived and available online, FREE for all members.

Via our login you can enter the Member Zone and read or download the magazine.

As a non-member you will be able to register and get the magazine for one year for a small fee.

Click here to register or login: