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Membership Benefits

The IFSCC has 48 national Societies of Cosmetic Chemists as Members. Individuals cannot be Members of the IFSCC – only national Societies can. However, anyone who belongs to a Society of cosmetic chemists or scientists which is a member of the IFSCC can enjoy the membership benefits for individual benefits listed below.

Membership Benefits – Individuals 
  • Access to cutting-edge advancements in cosmetic science via the Members’ Zone of (registration required*)
    o IFSCC magazine: published online 4 times a year
    o KOSMET: the only online database of scientific articles which deals with cosmetic science (fees may apply)
    o Papers and presentations delivered at IFSCC events
  • IFSCC e-newsletters, produced approx 6 times a year
  • IFSCC digital magazine, produced 4 times a year
  • Discounted registration fees to our Congress (even years) and Conference (odd years) – the only global events dedicated solely to the science of cosmetics
  • Access to an international network of 48 Societies representing 74 countries
  • Opportunities to win scientific awards and prizes
  • Access to world renowned scientists at IFSCC-sponsored local society events
  • List the IFSCC on their resume, and to include the IFSCC logo on social media postings

    * Go to to register for access to the Members’ Zone
Membership Benefits – Member Societies 
  • The opportunity to host an International Speakers Programme (once every 4 years)
  • Have your local events publicised through the IFSCC e-newsletter
  • For Societies in lesser developed countries, the opportunity to 
    o Host a 2-day education seminar featuring globally-recognised experts in cosmetic science, and
    o Compete to win a multi-year grant to help fund your Society’s education initiatives 
  • The opportunity to:
    o Have a member on the IFSCC Council, allowing your Society to have a voice in policy making at the IFSCC 
  • For larger Societies, to compete to host an IFSCC Congress or Conference

Join Us

If you are an individual and want to become a member of the IFSCC, please contact a national society and join us today.

If you are a society and want to join IFSCC, please contact the Secretary General.

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