Ecaterina Merica Cosmetic Education Programme

We started this exciting programme in 2009 in honour of Prof Ecaterina Merica, a Romanian member scientist dedicated to bringing cosmetic science education to her country, who passed away in 2008. 

Her message was that the ability of a scientist should not be based on their country of origin, regardless of the abundant opportunities or otherwise available to them.

Developed for economically challenged societies, we have two full-day courses taught by two workshop teachers, these workshops typically hold 50-70 participants. The speakers teach workshops back to back in two countries within the same zone. We have over 20 well renowned scientists as volunteer teachers for this important programme.

Here is the basic programme outline:
Day 1 – Teachers arrive
Day 2 – First workshop at first Society – dinner in evening
Day 3 – Second workshop
Day 4 – Teachers travel to second Society
Day 5 – First workshop at second Society – dinner in evening
Day 6 – Second workshop at second Society
Day 7 – Teachers depart

Societies where this programme has been run to date:

  • Zone 1:  Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Russia
  • Zone 2:  Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Zone 3:  Ecuador, Central America-Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile

For the inaugural year of 2009 the programme was launched in all 3 zones to rave reviews.

Zone 1: 

2009 - Romania and Bulgaria was held from 1-5 June. The workshops were conducted by Dr Johann Wiechers on Skin Delivery Systems and Dr Luigi Rigano on Emulsions: Formulation and Development.

Bulgaria found numerous benefits. Participation in the workshops was double the membership numbers. Their membership almost doubled and had the effect of revitalising the society. The strong scientific content was well appreciated and there are now requests to have more scientific information and interaction on a continual basis.

Workshop in Bulgaria    Bulgarian cultural activities
Workshop (above) and cultural activities (above right) in Bulgaria

Zone 2:

2009 - Philippines and Indonesia was held from 28 September - 1 October. The workshops were once again conducted by Dr Johann Wiechers on Skin Delivery Systems and Dr Luigi Rigano on Emulsions: Formulation and Development.

Similar benefits were found in the Philippines. There was a  60% increase in attendance for the workshops. New members joined and long lost members were returned to the fold. The workshops encouraged a strong cooperative exchange of scientific information among forum participants. The programme ended with foreign experts receiving a taste of Filipino hospitality through a 'barrio fiesta'.

Philippines workshop 1    Philippines workshop 2
Workshop in the Philippines

2012 - The workshops were conducted by Mr Perry Romanowski on Cosmetic Formulation and by Ms Judi Beerling on Natural & Organic Product Formulation

10-11 September 2012, Thailand


  • This programme provides the chance for our cosmetic scientists to meet specialist speakers with extensive experience.
  • This programme helps in our cosmetic education. The speakers shared their valuable experience and stimulated useful discussion.
  • Many of our cosmetic scientists never attend IFSCC conferences so from this programme they were able to recognise the organisation.
  • This programme enhances contact between cosmetic scientists in Thailand and the IFSCC.


  • “It is a great presentation”.
  • “A valuable course that I could adapt to use in my business”.
  • “More quantity and quality of information”.
  • “Good topics with new information”.

Workshop in Thailand

13-14 September 2012, Malaysia


  • Participants are given a chance to understand the practice of international cosmetic chemists/scientists.
  • Participants are able to exchange cosmetic science knowledge with the speakers.
  • This programme helps to promote our society.
  • Applications from non-members wanting to join were received.


  • We received feedback from participants who would like to have more specific topics from specialists and they are willing to cover the costs.
  • More information should be provided prior to the workshops so that we can determine the speaker’s needs and the category of participants/members best suited to take part in the workshop as different topics may suit different people.