Lester Conrad Education Prize

The Lester Conrad Education Prize is established to assist a Member Society in their Cosmetic Science education programme. The prize is presented on alternate years at the IFSCC Conference for the best submission of a proposed programme by an eligible Member Society.

The amount of the prize will be 8,000 Swiss Francs or its equivalent and will be provided by the IFSCC from Federation funds.

Member Societies who have been affiliated with the Federation for at least one year, are current in their membership subscription and are in the second half of Members Societies who have affiliated and are eligible for the Prize. A Member Society may receive the Prize up to two times.

The application shall be typed and in English. The programme as outlined in the application by the Member Society is intended to take place during the following year.

Prize winners 

The 2013 Lester Conrad Education Prize was awarded at the Conference in Rio, Brazil to the Hong Kong Society, which won 8,000 Swiss Francs for its education programme for 2014. The 2013 Henry Maso Award winner Shuting Hu received the scroll on behalf of the Hong Kong Society.

Awards made to date have been presented to the following Societies:

  • Hong Kong in 2013
  • Indonesia in 2011
  • India in 2009
  • Ecuador in 2007
  • Slovakia in 2005
  • Romania in 2003
  • Poland in 2001
  • Croatia in 1999
  • Argentina (again) in 1997
  • Israel in 1995
  • Uruguay in 1993
  • Venezuela in 1991
  • New Zealand in 1989
  • Brazil in 1987
  • Yugoslavia in 1985
  • Argentina in 1983
  • Czechoslovakia in 1981

Hong Kong SCC Chair Simon Chan (right) and 2013 Henry Maso Award winner Shuting Hu (left) with the Lester Conrad Scroll, awarded to the Hong Kong Society in 2013