Applied Research Award

The IFSCC Applied Research Award consists of an amount of 7,500 Swiss Francs or its equivalent and is awarded to the presenter of the most meritorious podium presentation pertaining to applied cosmetic research at and IFSCC Congress. There may also be an Honorary Mention, under specific conditions, for the second best paper which consists of an amount of 2,000 Swiss Franc. Both amounts will be provided by the IFSCC.

In order to compete for this Award, applicants should submit their full text in English and indicate on their abstract submission form that they want to enter their work for the category Applied Research. Papers should be original. Failure to adhere to the time scales for submission of manuscripts set by the organising committee will result in exclusion from the competition. The paper should be presented in person by one of the authors of the paper.

Obligation of the recipient of the IFSCC Applied Research Award
By accepting the IFSCC Applied Research Award, the recipient agrees to submit their paper to both the IFSCC Magazine and the journal of their local Society for publication in the first issue following the Congress.

This award for 2014 was presented in Paris to: 

Authors  A. Léopoldès de Vendômois*, J. Paris, A. Cabin-Flaman, J. Seigneuret, J. Etienne

Company  Alban Muller International

Paper  New strategy for the protection of consumers: a functional film limiting exposition to fragrance allergens