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On 12 July an event targeting presenters and coauthors of papers to be presented at the IFSCC Congress in October/November 2016 (Orlando, USA), was held in Osaka under the name of The gathering of presenters at the Orlando Congress, an event attended 56 delegates attended. This was the first such occasion, organised by the International Committee of the SCCJ, the Committee members serving as lecturers as well. 

We were joined at the beginning of the event by Dr Mohammad Baghaei, President of the Middle East Society, who was in Japan promoting the ASCS Conference in Iran in 2017. He asked many Japanese delegates to visit Iran, emphasising the safety of the venue. 

The actual event was kicked off by Dr Miki Minamino, past Chair of the IFSCC Education Committee. She gave an overview of the IFSCC dating back to its birth and how it has developed to become the Federation as it is today. She shared useful tips on how podium and poster papers should be presented based on her own experiences as well as what could be extracted from a pre-conducted questionnaire on past SCCJ presenters at IFSCC Conferences/Congresses to which 152 members responded. 

This was followed by another helpful lecture from Dr Fujihiro Kanda, the Chair of Science Committee of the IFSCC Praesidium, entitled Presenting in English with no Fear. He showed examples of English words that the Japanese find hard to pronounce together with tips on how to deliver them, and also how to deal with questions and comments from the floor based on practical examples. 

In order that the non-native English speakers from Japan can understand your questions and hence respond to you correctly, we kindly ask you to speak slowly in simple English when asking questions in Orlando. 

Thank you

By Miki Minamino & Fuji Kanda, International Committee, SCCJ

News Date: 17/10/2016 13:00

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