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Seminars organised by the Indian Society of Cosmetic Scientists (ISCC) at HPCI India from 2-3 March at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre revolved around demystifying the myths around natural and organic products. Organic and Natural – Pathway to Cosmetics also discussed the facts and regulations for natural and organic products, market trends in this sector, specifically personal care and colour cosmetics, evaluator methods and formulation of standardised certified products using natural and organic materials. 

The global natural and organic sector is growing rapidly. The sector generated over US$3bn in 2015 thanks to the rising importance of natural ingredients among consumers. Organic skin care and hair care products are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 9% from 2016 to 2025. 

The increasing importance of natural ingredients for providing dandruff protection, hair loss control and shine is expected to have a favourable impact on the industry. In oral care natural ingredients are said to help protect against gum disease, periodontal disease and bleeding gums. Colour cosmetics are largely untouched by the natural and organic demand.

Asia Pacific is expected to see significant gains in natural and organic products over the next few years. Increasing consumption of cosmetic products in emerging economies such as China and India in light of new product launches will fuel growth in the organic and natural personal care industry.

The organic beauty sector has traditionally thrived on the safe ingredients ticket; certified products must meet strict standards for formulation and manufacture. There is a huge appetite to know more about what natural and organic actually is. Similarly, there are regulations that need to be understood and complied with before designing these products. 

A more sophisticated focus on positioning, packaging and marketing puts it in the running to be one of the biggest success stories to come out of the beauty industry for years. And as more conventional brands eye the growth opportunities that organic and natural beauty represents, we can expect to see more chaos in the industry in terms of the meaning of natural and organic cosmetics. 

In addition to the organic and natural seminars, HPCI included technical seminars to provide insights into the latest technologies and their applications in personal care plus an exhibition featuring over 150 exhibitors. 

The event provided a perfect place to network, share experiences and grow, giving visitors an opportunity to interact with Indian and international suppliers.

India’s next HPCI will take place from 31 January -1 February 2018.

News Date: 17/03/2017 09:00


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