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Exciting cosmetic trend predictions from the world’s leading providers of market research, given at in-cosmetics Global 2017, were shared by Chantal O’Brien De Villiers at the South African Society’s, Coschem’s, afternoon lecture on 2 June.

Four main trends emerged: 

1. Active Beauty
Market research shows that more and more women exercise in their quest for better health. Cosmetic manufacturers are embracing this trend with products to protect the skin during and after exercising.  Sephora launched a beauty brand called Sweat Cosmetics, make-up that moves with you. The brand is endorsed by 5 Olympic athletes.

2. Damsels in Distress
Today’s office life is leading around 53% of office workers to be closer to burnout than ever before. This led to the success of fidget products, like spinners and fidget cubes. Cosmetic manufacturers are picking up on this trend and launching calming creams (eg Babor Neuro Sensitive Cellular Intensive Calming Cream).

3. Back to Basics
Consumers want to simplify their lives, declutter their environments, move back to using a cellphone that can only receive and make calls (eg Nokia). This also translates to their beauty regimes. They no longer want to be faced with long ingredient lists on their facial care products. They long for the simplicity of the products their grannies used (eg coconut oil and brown sugar). Cosmetic manufacturers are responding by stripping down their formulations to the bare minimum.

4. Beauty Around the Clock
Research shows that around 50% of women in Europe now use a night cream as well as a day cream in order to have 24 hour moisturisation. Beauty manufacturers are responding by offering products that address all stressors your skin is exposed to during the day, with claims including anti-stress, anti-pollution, protection against airborne diseases, protection against blue light from computer screens, tablets and cellphones.

Everyone agreed that Chantal’s feedback was very interesting and highly informative.

News Date: 18/07/2017 13:00

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